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thewhimmed [userpic]


i just lost my myspace blog. they changed their policy, with no notice since sometime yesterday, and all my privacy settings on there have been instantly homogenized. all my information there is now either friends, or public. no private. f. if any of my old friends are here, you have to know how completely fucked this is. i can't even publish a new address without first deleting a large catologue. can my friends read the blog entries i've had marked private? i don't even know.

how do i save that writing? i printed my livejournal once. before some policy changed. does anyone know if there is a way to do that again? and, how are lj and 6aprt these days?


not sure if 6aprt have anything to do with lj these days - I thought the russians had bought lj.

I've used the lj export entries tool in the past, but that might be paid-only (and doesn't do comments) - I've read about 3rd-party scripts that are free and grab comments, but haven't gone looking or tried any.

Dreamwidth does a good job of importing an lj - I transferred one of my ljs over there (entries,comments,settings) - I have some dreamwidth invite codes if you wanted one.

yes! i would very much appreciate a code. i'm thinking i'm going to use blogspot for a while as i set up a basic and simple page yesterday, but i know enough to know that i want my name in many places because i've had to move around too many times for too many reasons - it's much easier if i have a reserve or two already up and ready. i've never heard of dreamwidth - is it similar to lj?

and the russians.. makes sense. there are so many russian language writers here.

how are you? have the economy troubles of the u.s. and much of the world had much effect down there?

This is dreamwidth's 'about us' FAQ "http://www.dreamwidth.org/support/faqbrowse?faqid=1" - they started with a clone of the LJ codebase, but have been actively building on and changing it for a while now. The invite code page on dreamwidth wants an email address to send it to - is the yahoo one on your user info here still current? Or is there a better one to send it to? (If so, send from it to the one on my user info here.)

I'm fine (apart from getting the flu a couple of days ago - didn't get out of bed for most of yesterday).


..i think the email is the same as listed here. i've never changed my email, so if you still have my address from before, it's the same as that.

thank you. are you feeling better yet?

subject above + @yahoo :)

Great, I never knew this, thanks.